"Jen and I used to get confused for each other, when we first started out in the business, and she was brunette and I had long hair. And we were confused for each other to the extent that we separately, having not made this agreement before we met, jokingly did interviews as each other on red carpets and signed each others headshots and things because we both, you know, were supportive of each others work and thought it’d be funny and were tired of trying to explain to people that we were two separate actresses.”

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"Sex?" "I'll explain how this works later." - AWQ

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Also known as that one time where they actually wore protective equipment for an autopsy. (Fun fact: when I went to the morgue they were like make sure you tie your hair back otherwise the death smell with soak into your hair. We were there for less than three hours. Poor Lanie)

But ok this episode is basically just Beckett being confused and annoyed at Castle for 40 mins and it’s magical


"All of them..? I believe in love, you know, free love. But you know, television’s all about unresolved sexual tensions so really you shouldn’t have anyone get together, at all, until the very, very end."
- Georgina Haig (Elsa), in response to “Which couples on [Once Upon A Time] are you rooting for?” (via punk-rock-science)