In the next episode….Young Emma “Abby Ross”:


finds herself a kindred spirit when she befriends a girl who, like her, is a runaway orphan.

This is the “other girl”, Nicole Munoz:



Emma has a thing for latinas brunettes ;)

Why Regina doesn't have much screen time...

Emma: Henry, please tell me your mom hasn't been doing something evil.

Henry: Nope, she just gets real busy this time of year.

Emma: But she's not even mayor anymore. Why is she so busy?

Henry: Uh, duh it's apple cider season. You don't think all that cider you enjoy just distills itself.

Emma: No shit?

Henry: She's gotta pick the apples, press the apples, ferment the apples, filter the apples, it's a lot of she's pretty busy.

Emma: Maybe I should go out to the orchard just to see how she's doing....

Henry: Mom doesn't like to be disturbed on apple picking day,she likes driving the tractor, says the heavy vibration clears her head.

Emma: I'll bet it does.